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The Concord Difference
Planning for Your Long Term

It all starts with realistic, forward-looking planning. At Concord Financial Group, we strategize around the “milestones” you want to hit in your life: buying a beach home, getting your kids through college debt-free, or having that month in Italy every single year, without worry.


We’ll never limit your goals. We work with you to strategize the future you want to live in.


“Retirement” is no longer a cut and dry concept. You get to define it any way you want. We like to think of retirement planning as moving towards “long-termism:a plan that allows us to focus on your unique lifepath and where you want it to go.


Our mission is to guide you along  the financial path that maximizes your quality of life.

Confident in
Your Golden Years
Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve set yourself up for success for the future. 

Empowering Investor Success

Our focus is on the big picture. Your portfolio is not just a collection of smaller pieces—it’s the sum of your future. Your total return is your ability to live the life you want.


“Buy and hold” doesn’t mean “buy and forget.” We take an active stance in managing your portfolio, shifting with the climate and adapting alongside your goals. We won’t just hop on the investment bandwagon, either—we may pause when the market is greedy and irrational, and chase opportunities when others are timid.


We are independent thinkers. In the stock market, consensus is baked into the pricing of investments. To deliver better outcomes, we have to question the consensus.


When prices go up, is it a good investment or an expensive investment?  When prices go down, is it a bad investment or an undervalued investment?  We strategically build portfolios across asset classes to leverage opportunities and balance out risks.

Good Stewards of Your Capital

Fiduciary responsibility is a given, but it’s only a baseline. It’s not enough for us to act in your best interest—we need you to understand the process every step of the way. That’s why we spend just as much time educating you on what we’re doing as we do listening to your vision. 


If we “get” you, then we get how to work with you. Relationships are paramount to what we do. Empathy makes us better at doing it.

This is your money—and your future—that we’re managing. That takes trust, earned with every decision we make and every milestone we hit together.

Let's Plan Your Future.

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