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“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”
– Aristotle

Our Commitment

We don’t invest for you—we partner with you. We’ll always make sure to respect your vision and invest aligned with your goals. ​


From day one, you’ll understand the what, where, when, why, and how of your investments. Forget convoluted acronyms and jargon—we tell you what the plan is in simple English. ​


We always invest according to your values, because we know conscientious investments could make a positive difference in this world. That’s why we work long hours—we want to drive for excellence, both for you and the world. We’re here to take the journey with you ,every step of the way.

Yes, You Can Relax Now.
You’ve worked hard for long enough.
Headshot of Manager Partner, Ephie Coumanakos

Managing Partner

Ephie Coumanakos is the Founder and Managing Partner of Concord Financial Group. She strives to provide each of her clients with optimized, tailor-made financial solutions. Her expertise spans from retirement and pre-retirement planning to asset preservation, wealth management, and estate planning. 

A frequent public speaker, Ephie often hosts financial workshops to educate the public on “long-termism” and wealth preservation strategies for uncertain times. 

Ephie graduated from The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School twice, earning both a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master of Science in Engineering (Management of Technology).

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Letter From The Founder

I set out to build a truly client-centric financial firm.  


Early in my career, I saw too much of the same—financial firms that peddled opaque, one-sided advice, disconnected from the investor’s life and vision. 


The true value of a financial advisor is to deliver meaningful, personalized, sophisticated advice across all disciplines. When I built my financial practice, my mission was to counsel the person, not the portfolio.


We sympathize and empathize with our clients, walking them through the most appropriate investment strategy based on their age and financial status. We explain market fluctuations and earnestly discuss how their investments should be shifted for long-term planning and why. Technology and algorithms can’t connect the way we do.


Financial independence doesn’t have a shortcut. We educate our clients on financial principles and invest for the right reasons.  We don’t focus on what the markets are doing today, tomorrow, or next week—we tune out the noise and focus on research-driven strategies that deliver in the long-term.


When we invest, we do it deliberately and according to our clients’ values. Investors want to make a difference. We integrate sustainability and consciousness analysis to portfolio construction, uniting their values with their money.

Supporting you now and into the future,

Ephie Coumanakos

Founder and Managing Partner


Counsel the person, not the portfolio.

– Ephie Coumanakos

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