Retirement and Estate Planning


Our retirement planning support doesn’t end after the planning process. Even after you retire, we are here to help you determine how to receive your retirement benefits in a tax efficient manner and position those assets to complement your retirement needs going forward. By focusing on asset preservation, we help our clients protect what they have worked a lifetime to accumulate. In our financial designs, we account and plan for unforeseen contingencies such as long term illness, disability and market volatility. Through the use of financial engineering, we aim to enhance our clients’ assets, increase retirement income options and offer tax reduction strategies.

Estate Planning

The next step after retirement; we work closely with your designated estate planning attorney, accountant or trust service organization to implement strategies to attain your goals. Trusts can be used to avoid probate or reduce estate and income taxes. They can also be used to transfer assets for the protection of your heirs to avoid taxation of life insurance in your estate or to keep assets intact while paying income to whomever you designate.